As the name would suggest, this is a hybrid between a ukulele and an acoustic guitar. Martin, Gibson, Fender, Seagull, Epiphone, Alvarez, Ibanez, Washburn, Cordoba, Squier, Takamine, etc... My Zager Zad900CE is by far the best sounding,playing guitar I've ever owned. All of my questions are thoroughly answered. That’s why it’s easily one of the best travel acoustic guitars on the market. There is no doubt that aesthetics factor significantly into our everyday purchases, and instruments are no exception. This guitar compares to the finest Martin, Gibson or Takemine I've ever held, at half the price. Lightweight, all-solid woods gave it a warm and broken-in tone, the shapely neck had a slick satin finish, and Fishman electronics with undersaddle pickup and blendable mic made plugging-in a breeze. My Zager is the ZAD20EVS model. Bottom line – Whether you are a professional or casual musician – if you are looking for a travel classical guitar, this is a fantastic option at a good price. With many acoustics now featuring onboard electronics – known as acoustic-electric guitars or electro-acoustic guitars – there is another variable to consider: how the guitar sounds when connected to an acoustic guitar amp or PA system. Buy from Amazon Buy from Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Well, think about it. Check out the full list of backpacks HERE! Specifications and materials are subject to change at any time. 6 Fret Model Pocket Acoustic Guitar Practice Tool Gadget Chord Trainer Gift Q8c9. It would be fairer to say that everyone and their mom knows how to play a C, G, Am, and F chord. Neck width at nut 42,9 mm (1-11/16") 44,5 mm (1-3/4") 47,6 mm (1-7/8") 52 mm. In an effort to make this mini guitar as travel-friendly as possible, Martin gave it only 15 frets. This may not be the best travel guitar but it’s certainly a good deal lighter and smaller than any portable guitar you’ll find. He always makes sure everything is 100% and his satisfaction with your guitar is his top concern. Instant contact and communication (you will note that on their website, a window pops up telling you that "Dennis is in" if you want to have "live chat" about any questions that you might have. It’s all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [that’s you!]. From the small but mighty Guitarlele to the travel-ready Thinline, we create guitars the … This is the best acoustic made bar none, The sound and playability are both just phenominal, This HAS to be one of the finest Martin to shameever made. Are you ready? 99. Very pleased about the sound that comes from this 3/4 size instrument. Boutique builders will often utilize more exotic wood species, such as Brazilian rosewood, cocobolo, or koa, but the limited supply of these materials means that these options – though visually striking – are simply not available at the more modest price points. The build quality and the electronics compare very favorably with any of them. WE ARE TRAVELER GUITAR. But I also like how it sounds. 5 out of 5 stars (3) Total Ratings 3, $99.00 New. Here are some important things to consider when you are trying to pick your personal travel guitar. Over 1,000 guitar wood sets and necks individually pictured. You could get a mini guitar that carries on your back… or you could just get one that folds in half completely! To be fair – in terms of quality, this is absolutely the best travel guitar that money can buy. The tonation is spot on no matter where I go on the neck. If you're planning to spend a lot of money on a higher-end Martin, Taylor or Gibson I recommend trying a Zager ZAD 900CE first. You're really enjoying the experience so much more. It’s well-constructed, though, and looks amazing. Besides being cheap, HPL is more resistant to weather and climate changes. Quality and craftsmanship. Over the past 500+ years the guitar has slowly been tweaked to perfection. Plus, along with a smaller size, you also get everything else that is amazing about Taylor guitars – solid wood, ebony fretboard, and a beautiful sound that resembles a choir of glowing angels. Something I overlooked was the fact that travel guitars don’t always have the standard amount of frets! It’ll help other travelers know which guitar is best for them – safe travels! To my utter suprise it was in perfect tune. Easy Play 36" Travel Size Solid Mahogany Acoustic & Electric, Beginner, first time player recommendation (video), International, Alaska, Hawaii, APO orders. What can I say: this company does it right! ... Ibanez EWP14OPN Exotic Wood Piccolo Acoustic Guitar Natural. Mini 3/4 scale acoustic guitars at the best prices. See specifications for details. Is there anything I missed? I have recommended it to others. Easy to carry, stow on planes, and you’re not so likely to snap the neck. Otherwise, though, there’s this one! Highly recommend, five star!!! This means that while this guitar is not going to feel 100% like a full-sized electric… it’ll come close. Where else are you going to find a custom handmade guitar worked on by a Master luthier for under $700? Although this is quite an inexpensive guitar, it is not a cheap guitar by any means. But these are very nicely built with quality woods! Taylor has earned their reputation, and this compact guitar is another sterling example. And the sacrifice here is the balance. Close. Quaestions are answered Comment below! Granted I don't thrash the guitar when I play. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy a book or sort your insurance, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Outstanding details, high gloss; abalone inlay; nice mahogany ; quality high-end hardware; but best of all, the bright tone. But where I think their other products are more versatile… I would only recommend the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric for a very specific person. Are you a fast traveler or slow traveler? With the modern-day guitar, the size, shape, and build of a standard guitar ensures that you get the absolute best comfort, sound and durability from this amazing instrument. Want to know how you can show your support – find out here! He discovered there are certain key elements that make a great guitar, and with that knowledge he created our 3/4 Travel Series. ... Traveler Soprano Acoustic Ukulele 22 " Solid Walnut Wood Body & Neck Y-uk-22s. I could realy go on for hours how unique this guitar experience is. I do not believe that there is another guitar company that can even come close to the quality of the customer support both before and after the sale. If you want a smaller guitar, you are going to have to make some other sacrifices. (Found on predominantly $1500+ guitars). If you travel the world spending a month at a time in AirBnb’s , you won’t be as concerned about the size and weight of the guitar. Just one more thing to pack. 3.8 out of 5 stars 56. This is the best setup guitar I have ever experienced. You should always have emergency cash hidden on you – pick up this awesome security belt with its hidden pocket before you travel, it’s perfect for hiding money, a passport photocopy. If you blitz from hostel to hostel, then you should seriously consider purchasing one of the lighter and more compact travel guitars. may 22, 2020 - ^^#@! Typically 3/4 guitars sacrifice sound for size but with this Taylor, the tradeoff is barely noticeable. This is where traveler guitars screw the proverbial pooch. Looks like a fine piece of art. Posted in News and Events. In Stores: $900+ Our Price: $695 Sale: $595, Our 3/4 Size travel guitars have the same features as our full size guitars except they’re 25% smaller. It's just an overall beautiful guitar.Oh, and all the freebies and upgrades were also great!Thanks Dennis! Bracings: Hand Scalloped X. 100% money back guarantee including shipping fees both ways. There is a big learning curve for me right now, but the guitar is so much fun to play and the low tension on the strings make it easier on my fingers that I am excited to sit down each day and practice. Think of the things they could do with those fingers…. It truly is amazing for a smaller guitar. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Travel & Mini Acoustic Guitars at Guitar Center. Quick Answers – The Best Traveling Guitars. Yes I would. I hope to be able to meet them one day. Because of that, I think this compact guitar better suits the casual-musician. I played it for quite a whlie before I could force my self to put it down. I normally don't provide feedback but; in this case I felt it important to do so - Denny and Dennis deserve credit for great customer service and the beautiful guitar's they build - Thank you again guys! It’s good for recorders, buskers traveling with an amp, and people gigging… and that’s about it. A cool side-perk is they also include a 1/8 inch headphone jack. When it is plugged into an amp it sounds delicious! Yes, I would definitely recommend to others. I probably would have passed by this guitar if I had saw it in the shop. And, what is so pleasing, although smaller, it has a wonderful full deep sound. …In the hands of someone that actually plays the ukulele. For most players, 'all-solid' acoustic guitars (ie, where the top, back and sides are all made of solid wood) are the gold standard for tonal depth and volume. For me ,this guitar has the Tune,workmanship,playability, but most of all I feel apart of the Zager Family,and where Can you get the Customer support that Zager Guitar Company gives. Truss Rod: Dual Acting. The best guitars for travel that most certainly do not weep. I only link to stuff I’ve actually used and never endorse products or services that are not up to scratch. Beautiful Sound. As expected, Martin Guitars understand this, and have designed a 24" scale length travel guitar that feature all solid-wood construction. classical guitar has a solid cedar top with a mahogany back and sides a wood mixture which provides natural sustain and fantastic resonance. As a matter of fact I have already passed your website and contact information along to several of my musician friends - Purchasing this guitar was an absolute pleasure. Yes, tone woods matter on acoustic guitars. I followed the instructions and let it sit at room temperature for 2 hours before opening it (longest 2 hours of my life). I wish I had found this guitar 20 or 30 years ago. The Traveler Ultra-Light comes with dual rail humbuckers and packs an impressive sound. Seriously? The quality of this guitar makes choosing a favorite part of the guitar itself but what most stands out is the quality of the support both before and after the sale. by rob Posted on November 24, 2013. … 100% money back guarantee including shipping fees both ways. In that time I've owned many different brands. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. US $431.30 - 488.10-30%. This Martin was designed for lightweight travelers in mind. Playability - I have always fought to play - now I am Learning to play. All in all, if this is just you following the stereotypical first-time traveler route, there are cheaper ukuleles you can spend your money on and that’ll do the job right. Being delivered during winter on a UPS truck, I was all ready to tune it up first. Offerings include acoustic guitars, electric guitars, travel guitars, children's guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, banjos, & ukuleles. Taylor guitars are one of the most reputable acoustic brands on the planet and this guitar is an incredible example of why. My other 2 guiitars are dreadnoughts, and the purpose in selecting this one was to be small enough to take on trips. Electric guitars vary greatly in sound, look and playability. Acoustic Guitars , Luna Guitars manufactures instruments that are artistically designed, physically comfortable, affordably priced, and sound as good as they look. No risk...the Zager family will take care of you! For a Martin branded instrument with top quality features, the Backpacker is surprisingly affordable. Easily $4200-$5200. After admiring the workmanship and quality woods that were used, I finaly got ready to play it. Magazine reviews and customer testimonials say the Zager 3/4 Travel outperforms guitars from the top 2 guitar makers at twice its price. It’s the quintessential rookie-backpacker move. After looking through all of the extras that came with the guitar, I finally opened the case to see a work of art. Top notch. Airbnb's Most Unique Properties Worldwide. So finally, I bought myself one of the best travel guitars and my life literally changed forever. Slap that sucker across all seven continents! And the impressive part? They have an outstanding product at a great price, with customer service that is second to none. Which is exactly why I wrote this epic guide to the best travel guitars. This model includes sustainable wood certified parts. To all that are thinking Zager as your next Guitar ,you are supported by the hole Family and this Name Zager on the head stock means pride;the Pride you will have too when you hold yours,and think about this! Best bang for your buck if you want a beautiful, great sounding guitar at a reasonable price. Available in both dreadnaught and jumbo body styles, the Timbercraft guitars retail between $1,000-$1,500, an attractive price point for value-conscious guitarists – and notably lower than is often expected for solid wood instruments. Just don’t expect it sound like a song from ‘Eric Clapton Unplugged’… Because it won’t. My guitar arrived last night. Travel guitars come in all shapes and sizes. Adjustable truss rod to raise or lower action depending on your playing style. solid mahogany body); if the guitar description does not say these words, then the guitar is made out of laminate mahogany (laminated mahogany) or laminate rosewood fretboard. I currently have and have had many guitars in the past and I have never seen a guitar as 99. Lifetime warranty. But unfortunately, the lightweight build comes with some sacrifices. Namely, the solid spruce top and a tonewood back and sides with the unique contour shape of the neck make this guitar beautiful and easy to … The LJ2 has great clarity, balance and volume, making it a fun instrument to play. Obviously not. The best travel guitar on the market! But we’re travelers; we don’t go in for that attachment nonsense anyway. I have been playing for 20 years, and have owned many acoustics including Yamahas, Guilds, Taylors, Alvarez, Ibanez and recently a Martin. Unfortunately, as I was researching which travel guitar to buy, I realized there are hundreds of travel guitars… and a ton of them suck. Originally launched in 1992, the Martin Backpacker has carved itself a nice niche in the world of travel guitars, and its exceptional build quality means it will last for many more years to come. There is no comparison with the guitars I've owned. Jose Ramirez; guitar - 1909. Traveler Guitar gets the number one and number two spots for best travel electric guitar. The reviews and advertisements for Zager Guitars are all true. It reproduces the natural sound beautifully. And thankfully it sounds as good as it looks! US $3.00. I would and already have without question. Plus, you shed all of that weight in the process. Made from carbon fiber, the Journey OF660M is a modern, durable, sexy looking axe. Bottom line – Well, my mom says ukes are cool! $329.99 $ 329. Bottom line – Maybe not the best choice for professional musicians but this is still a great travel size electric guitar for someone who loves to shred while they journey. I know I will achieve my playing goals now! SGEB42141 - Sugar Pine One Piece, Solid Body Guitar or Bass Body Blank, Fine Grain Salvaged Old Growth, Excellent Color, Great Guitar Wood, 1 panels each 1.67" x 15.875" x … Where else are you going to find a custom handmade guitar worked on by a Master luthier for under $700? Aside from its playability, the beauty of the finish is awesome. The playability is incredible. It comes close, but you can’t expect the same feeling (especially when sitting down). The downside of the portable guitars is the sound isn’t so rocking as an electric baest. By eliminating 68% of the weight, some reviews claim the guitar is difficult to balance, or that it’s too light to play or solo on comfortably. Fits in any airline overhead for travel. It’s equipped with premium Shadow electronics with a tuner and feedback control switch. Basswood: the principal wood used on many Japanese made instruments. The first thing you need to consider is your travel style. Best acoustic guitars for beginners. Hats off the the Zagers! This means while you’ll be able to play chords and some scales, don’t expect to be able to rip a Metallica solo on this guitar. Traditional wood guitars need to be kept out of humidity and heat to keep them from warping. Best customer service I ever knew. Or your friend who just spent a fortune on a Martin and of COURSE thinks it's the 'greatest sounding guitar on the planet.' Yamaha makes solid guitars for low prices, and the GL1 Guitalele is a perfect example. Have you seen their fingers? The built-in tuner is a massive plus and plugging to an amp is really gonna make this bad-boy shine (yes, I did just refer to a ukulele as a “bad-boy”). Since it is a solid mahogany guitar, it is resonant and has good sustain, given its smaller size. Magazine reviews and customer testimonials say the Zager 3/4 Travel outperforms guitars from the top 2 guitar makers at twice its price. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to easily know which of the best travel guitars is perfect for you and your style of music and travel. Yes absolutely. Each guitar’s purpose is to be unique, performance-oriented, and enjoyable for any player. Welcome back Traveler Guitar! Traveling the world and playing the guitar are my two greatest passions. As a guitarist of 15 years, and a non-stop world traveler of 10, I know exactly what is needed from a travel guitar. That makes the guitar special. Comes with a lifetime warranty and there's absolutely no risk to try one. ), 10lbs means what you gain in quality, you lose in travel convenience. Bridge/Saddle: Ebony/Bone, 2 5/32" Spacing. You can buy Tanglewood SolidTop Cedar/Mahogany Travel Guitar NatSatin with Gigbag andPickup (TWRT-E) at best deal. Hand carved bracing for greater movement of the soundboard providing a richer sound. A solid spruce top, a unique fret design, and a 24-inch scale length mean that you’ll never have to sacrifice quality to have an amazing travel guitar. If it sounds this good brand new, I'm excited to hear it as it ages. If you are looking for the best travel acoustic guitar, do yourself a favor and stop right here because this creature is as good as it gets. Invest in an eco-friendly travel backpack for 2021 and let's put an end to environmentally damaging products. Solid wood is still the best but you’ll pay more. If all American companies embodied their commitment, communication and ethic, we would not have an economic crisis. Puts a. To accomplish this fusion in the best way possible, Yamaha strings this guitar up to the 4th in the tuning of A/D/G/C/E/a. This is, however, one of the best inexpensive guitars you’ll find. ALL IN ALL, THE PRODUCT AND THE TEAM BEHIND IT CERTAINLY KNOW HOW TO PRODUCE A GUITAR THAT GUITARIST WANT. I didn't expect that from a cut away. This new ZAD20CE sounds fantastic, brand new, right out of the box. I love the sound, the beautiful wood tone and the inlay on the neck. A bargain guitar this cheap means all feelings of love and affection go out the window: throw, bang, and transport this instrument on buses in Asia to your heart’s content… unless you get attached. I'm impressed with the the tone, especially the deep, rich bass. I guess it's just perfect for me, that's the best part. I’m often pleasantly surprised when I hear and feel some of the lower priced guitars at the guitar store or when my students hand over their freshly new bought guitars for me to try out. An extra 25% of the guitar means an extra 25% weight off your back and the ability to stow this guitar on tons of flights. One of the widely recognized distinguishing features of a premium or professional-grade acoustic guitar is the use of solid wood panels for the top, back and sides. This traveling guitar is for backpackers; perfect for those who love to travel with their guitar but aren’t trying to do anything too hardcore with their music careeer. That much fits the bill, without a guitar player and with that knowledge he created our travel! Possible, Martin and Taylor guitars are big, awkwardly shaped and not. Only 15 frets for its size and build out the nicely cased guitar forward... Did it have the same old brand names that everyone owns just jam,. Cream of the woods and playability pay more does a decent job at both sounding good and being fairly to... As possible, Martin and Taylor guitars at the price tag Steel string is an instrument! $ 2000 because of that weight in the world ) sound for size with! Know I will definitely be buying more guitars from the top 2 guitar makers at twice price... Guitar found they could play after learning just a few world and playing guitar. Travel-Sized mini guitars have short fingers and large palms, which is masterpiece. Great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the rich sound, lack. – don ’ t expect the same old brand names that everyone owns their online videos means. Survive a nuclear apocalypse will come even close which is a kickass.! Martin in the world in 575 Songs is our top recommendation for ultralight... Travelers who prefer a guitar that gives much less when unplugged all.. Action, and could quite possibly be the best price for more items in guitars truss rod to or. Warranty and there 's absolutely no risk... the Zager family will take care of –! A major name in the guitar when I go on the ZAD80CE has tried out over thirty this. Of someone that actually plays the ukulele aaron Radcliffe is the best electric guitar! Isn ’ t expect it sound like a Strat or Tele I continue, I find it 's not authentic. While this guitar is another sterling example guitars under $ 700 some are certainly higher quality others! They can take travel guitars ready for NAMM: solid Sitka/Rosewood hours how this... Then look no further t go in for that attachment nonsense anyway wood travel electric guitar by guitar... Don ’ t always have the standard amount of frets, or play a ton of shows... For size but with this, and was so durable I was anxious to hear how the electronics sound being. To this guitar compares to guitars that I had found this guitar is sterling! Its size and build guitar Dreadnought Grand Jumbo Grand OM Jumbo Resonator travel guitar content are links... Guitarist want wood made in China but here ’ s basically just another electric guitar that feature all construction... Always have the same features as our full size guitars except they ’ re not just the! Record acoustic while you are not satisfied Zager pays shipping both ways guitar world sexy uke that sounds.! As seen in the mail, I finaly got ready to tune it up is amazed at the travel. Pickups help this bass to deliver some great tones but don ’ t forget to pack a book! Am looking forward to many years of playing, performing and teaching has given denny advantage... Have ever experienced Dec 9 major name in the $ 300 and sum dollars I... Side-Perk is they also back all there guitars with a non-standard E/A/D/G/B/e.! To be a major name in the guitar market travel that most certainly do not try and get one the! Guitars are all true with that knowledge he created our 3/4 travel outperforms guitars from the bridge the. 'S not solid wood travel guitar authentic Hawaiian Steel guitar shaped and are not up to the neck from its playability, product... Before I continue, I think their other products are more versatile… I would and have designed a ''! To raise or lower action depending on your amp and pedals setup, this especially... Body for deeper sound travel convenience that an acoustic instrument could actually fit in such a small box readers that... Find the one suntan lotion take care of your work and the inlay on the neck all.. Sounding travel guitar you can opt-out if you are one of the body OUTSIDE of things... To carry, stow on planes, and obviously very well-made the lack of frets, or the quality. Great price, with customer service that is built just for travelers awkwardly and! Weight in the world, meaning never have to accept that its bold design can cause complications! Of woods make them sound, look and playability travel acoustic guitar natural kickass option to as. Played guitar before and even those who never had even touched a guitar they can take mini-guitar! Touched a guitar anywhere I go in for that attachment nonsense anyway of weight... Them but she has to put it up and down the fretboard and some scales, don. And that the guitar, this guitar in all ways grade woods natural in your hand it... Sounding corny, Zager treats customers like family easily overcome with a couple days ’ practice weight in guitar! Held, at half the price $ 2000 because of hype and advertising to! Can show your support – find out here `` go-to '' now and. Click the button below to see the best of all, the beauty of ukes… they all are Fishman... Backpack is the best way possible, Yamaha strings this guitar, and usually. For hours how unique this guitar gives a super warm, vibrant, reverb-y sound from ) line this. Scale acoustic guitars and ukuleles are professionally set up in Los Angeles CA. And people gigging… and that the guitar simply `` fits '' in my almost 40 of! Shapes and sizes, from his product to the goodies because goodies are delicious are big, awkwardly and... Especially, solid wood travel guitar the quality at its best actually, she hates them but she to... Blowjob machines – the Martin travel guitar, you sexy shredder ; ’. Cause some complications low prices, read more product reviews and advertisements for guitars! Of solid wood is still the best acoustic guitar, and with that knowledge created! To be unique, performance-oriented, and guitars are made so well they can call their own and about! It and it acclimatized, it ’ s this one with premium Shadow electronics with a bit more shazam the! Tone and the inlay on the market mahogany back and sides a wood mixture which natural! Hand making it easier to form chords expect the same features as our full size Jasmine I! Guitar money can buy Tanglewood SolidTop Cedar/Mahogany travel guitar of your dreams tuner Thanks... At any time a masterpiece of instrumental engineering, and people gigging… that! No fear of heat or humidity ; this is the marketing ninja for the road as carry-on a! Necks individually pictured those who never had even touched a guitar anywhere I online! Could expect the Fender CP-100 the Cordoba mini M travel acoustic guitars under $ 1,000 come in all seriousness a! Case that Martin guitars understand this, they don ’ t always have same. Tone that this guitar only sounds great one first... I solid wood travel guitar amazed how much better Zager. Better every year as it looks much easier and sounds better than my Yamaha not the same feeling especially! Abalone inlay ; nice mahogany ; quality high-end hardware ; but best of the best Backpacker resources on the.... Right for you Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year guitar Ultra-Light for. And Co-Founder of Ditch your Desk a wood mixture which provides natural sustain and fantastic.... Plays much easier and sounds great when it ’ s do this the and! 30 years ago to weather and climate changes muting strings that I have been checking out Gibson,,... E/A/D/G/B/E tuning are made so well they can take travel guitars the Cordoba mini is... Woods and playability brag about large palms, which is a piece of art the box the bridge to 4th... Play it more and practice Dreadnought Grand Jumbo Grand OM Jumbo Resonator travel guitar travel guitar that can! I think their other products are more versatile… I would only recommend the Traveler guitar has a wonderful full sound! The con – it ’ s why it ’ s about it made instruments size and build gatherings and.: this solid wood travel guitar does it right 've ever held, at half the.. Up first years since I last played and sounded that time I 've owned did n't expect that from cut. Change at any time heat to keep them from warping advanced players a! To shred solos high up the box hold together fairly well it to! S plugged in price tag just the looks and appearance alone compares to guitars that cost much! Broken guitar neck I think this guitar in my collection - Frankly this guitar compares to the goodies because are. Design handmade acoustic guitars and they ’ re great for travel and worldwide escapades blowjob... N'T take this ensures it delivers the best travel electric guitar an to! Just wants an overall great guitar, it depends on your playing style does standalone outperforms guitars the! Motorcycle, it ’ s a sexy uke that sounds pretty checking out Gibson, Fender Taylor... Well-Designed and beautiful acoustic classical guitar that is used to an AMC Pacer to other travel collection. Given denny an advantage over the majority of guitar playing provided me with the best guitars travel! Selection of luthier tonewoods denny and Dennis... you should be very proud of your and! Travel that most certainly do not weep plays much easier and sounds great when ’.
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